<VV> break in engine

Stan East sgeast@interlog.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 00:00:20 -0400

Do not use non detergent oil. I repeat do not use non-detergent oil.

Use ordinary oil of the weight you plan to run (a multi weight is
recommended not a single weight like 30). Vary the engine speed but don't
spend a lot of time at high revs (at or near redline)

Finally drive the Corsa to the 4 Clubs event in Niagara Falls for September
10 to 12 and have fun. Go home change the oil and filter. On the 2nd oil
change you can go to full synthetic if you want to.

Stan East
expecting Bob Helt will have something to say

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From: "Sam & Marissa Andolino" <mandolin@rochester.rr.com>
To: "Virtualvairs" <virtualvairs@corvair.org>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 18:25:20 -0400
Subject: <VV> Zero Compression update 3  and engine brake in period question

Hi everyone,

I got another 180 head rebuilt.  The engine is completely rebuilt.  It has
new everything - pistons, moly rings, rods, cam, crank ,valves, lifters,
etc.  The question now is what is the proper way to brake in the engine?

The plan is to use non detergent 30w oil, changing the oil every 500 miles.
The suggestions that I have received is for the first 2000 to 2500 miles -
drive the car both city and highway, but try not to engage the turbo.  Is
this a proper course of action?

This is our first engine rebuild [and hopefully our last for now :-) ] and
any suggestions would be appreciated!

Sam & Marissa Andolino
1963 Red Monza Convertible
1966 Blue Corsa Turbo Coupe