<VV> Why it is important to use the proper parts. (long)

Derek Archer eggman@owt.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 01:18:57 -0700

On my '64 Spyder coupe I noticed something strange just after I bought 
it. Instead of the proper carburetor warming slot covers, like the one 
under the oil cooler, there were two pieces of jury-rigged sheet metal 
with screws in them. The left one was loose, and I tightened it up. I 
then took the car for a drive to check my speedometer accuracy (I do 
things like that when I am bored). I noticed that my head temperature 
was going up and up and up. This concerened me and I drove home slowly. 
When I got home I noticed the left damper door was completely CLOSED! 
That explained the high temp reading since the thermister is on that 
side. It turns out that the screw that held that loose slot cover was 
long enough when tightened as to prevent the damper door from opening 
at all! Use the proper corvair parts and you won't get burned (pun 
definitely intended) out on the road.