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FrankCB@aol.com FrankCB@aol.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 12:19:36 EDT

    Quite true.  This cooling from the evaporation of fuel depends, of 
course, on the A/F ratio.  For a 12 to 1 ratio (rich for high load) it's around 50 
deg. F cooling of the air/fuel stream.
    Frank Burkhard

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JVHRoberts@aol.com writes:
You forgot to take into account the cooling effect from the vaporizing fuel.

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djtcz@comcast.net writes:
> I had less than 180 deg out of turbo before intercooler at 17 psi with a 
TE60 on a nonvair motor.
Was the 180 degree temp F of C?  Was it temperature rise (natural with 
compression) or the actual discharge temp?
There is a chart in  Hugh MacInnes "Turbochargers" book that plots compressor 
discharge temperature VS pressure ratio for compressor efficiencies from 56% 
to 80% when starting with 90 degree F air.
I'd say 17 psi boost is a pressure ratio of  2.15.  With a very efficient 
well matched  80% efficient compressor it shows almost 260 F, which is a 170 
temperature increase from 90 F.