<VV> a good vair day

John Headley robedinpurple@yahoo.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 15:49:10 -0700 (PDT)

Finally - a good vair day.  I have to share.

I took a vacation day today and dropped the baby off
at day care like I went to work.  I spent all day
working on the vair (my new 64 monza convert).  It's
running and the knock is gone - must've been a lifter.
 The no running was gunk in the carbs - pulled them
apart and used carb cleaner and compressed air to
clean it up.  I also installed an inline fuel filter
to try to help keep them clean.  I used some "free up
lifter" type stuff for the knock and it never
reappeared.  The thing still needs a lot of basic TLC.
 You should've seen the distibutor cap, I've never
seen contacts that wasted.  The guy didn't even have
an air filter in there.  Plugs, plug wires, an air
filter, new points and condenser, new fan belt, and
basic idle/mixture/timing settings are in the near
future.  By the way, what do I loosen to change that
belt?  My manual hasn't arrived yet.  I don't see
anything that looks like it has adjustment to tension
the belt.

I got the rear seat and stuff out and found the
convertible top cylinders are leaking like crazy. 
Disconnected them from the linkage for manual top
operation in the short term.  Can these leaks be
repaired, or do I really have to spend hundreds of
dollars to buy new cylinders and lines when what I
have works but leaks?

I got my new door locks installed, but still can't
figure out how to get that ignition switch out without
a key.  No replies the last time I asked, I'm still
looking for ideas....

Since the gas gummed up my stuff, I'd like to drain
it, but I don't see a plug.  Bummer.  I think that
tank's coming down anyway, the sender went to F today.
 I've driven it about 70 miles and only added 2
gallons or so, and it started at 3/4.  It's definitely
not full.

One more thing.  I installed 1/4 window glass on the
rear windows, but I'm having trouble figuring out how
these pieces are supposed to stay on.  Are they glued
to the window somehow?  There's a hole for one
fastener at the bottom, but nothing at the top, and
sometimes it catches on the top on the way down and
wants to pull off of there.

Anyway, it was a very encouraging day.  I got to drive
around the block even, and wash it finally.  There's
hope yet for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

-John Headley
64 monza convert
Royal Oak, MI

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