<VV> Tweety Awards

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Fri, 13 Aug 2004 00:02:58 EDT


Just a reminder:
  At the Beaverrun Track event there will be Tweety (Macho Stuffed Animal) 
Awards for classes not covered by the great NECC trophies. 
   For Example: If entries for these categoies exist. 

Top Tweety 
     Top time of the day. This does not always go to the most modifed car. 
      Eddie Meadows at Summit Point
Pro Tweety
      Cars prepared beyond Production competition class.
      Race prepared production car on DOT tires
      Race prepared production car on slick tires
90% Tweety
      Race prepared car that could be put back to stock with only bolt ons-
      No gutting
Street car/street tires
Alternate engined
Friend of CORSA
      with non-corvairs
Tweety's Choice
    For any reason, by nomination (you choose)
     Last year this was awarded to a stock early automatic coupe on stock 

As you can see, ANY corvair can participate/lap /parade successfully.

Did you know that participation in Corvair track events can qualify you for 
entry in major sanctioned track events?.

   Person who must by necessity send in entries late or on site , please have 
the courtesy to contact the organizers and tell them ahead of time so that 
they may accurately and timely , plan and organize the event. 
    The confusion and delay at the convention autocross and drag race was 
caused by precisely this reason.