<VV> Hand brake pulley

Ewell Mills emills5@cfl.rr.com
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:39:44 -0400

Does anyone have an old hand brake assembly out of a car that still has the
plastic pulley on it that the handbrake cable uses to make a 90% turn.  Mine
completely melted on the recent electrical fire that I had.  I don't seem to
have the correct one in my stash of used parts, but I do have the one that
mounts under the tunnel in the front of the car.  It may be the same.  It is 2
inches in diameter and uses a sleeve as a bushing.  It fits onto the hand
brake pulley shaft by removing the bushing, so I could use it if it is the
proper diameter.  If you have the proper one would you please measure the
diameter of it for me.  Also the one I have has a shoulder on one side only
and seems to work if I put the shoulder side up.  Thanks.

Cecil Mills
Cocoa, Fl.