<VV> Vair Parts for Sale - Update

Mark Chapman chapmanmd@charter.net
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 8:50:48 -0500

The heads and the crank are sold.

Still looking for a new home for the following NEW, Not ULTRA parts:

TRW +.040 forged pistons, octane cut, connected to Clark's reconditioned rods, all balanced to one gram with Total Seal rings. Also have Clark's +.040 LM cylinders, in boxes no less. With 53cc heads, youre at about 9.3:1 Static CR with these.

OT-20 Cam, with failsafe gear from Clark's

12 sealed power, deep dimple lifters

4 Grant-built premium carbs (2 primaries and (2) secondaries. With good linkage and fuel line. Also have 4 new, chrome, Fitch type air cleaners. Tops of carbs have been modified to work with aftermarket air filters.

4 (3) spinner 13" wire Chevy hubcaps. Nice shape, need cleaning, but no major road rash or dings. Not Concours, but very nice.

Very nice original front and rear med. blue seats from 66 vert. No apparent tears, splits, etc. Seat bases could use cleanup, but upholstery is nice, albeit somewhat dirty. Exactly how I would ship these, I dont know, but Im willing to listen.

Nice finned, in and out, aluminum oil pan and valve covers for LM.

Honestly guys, make me a reasonable offer. I have no need for this stuff and I need to finance my 66 Monza vert and 67 Monza coupe. I dont know what my bottom dollar is for anything... Try me!!

Besides, wife wants to take over the 63 Spyder, so I need something!!!

Help a brutha out will ya?  <grin>

Mark "wife says I need to sell more before I buy more" Chapman