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Fri, 13 Aug 2004 19:44:09 -0500

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From: "Tony Underwood" <tonyu@roava.net>
> I can tell you what happens...  if it's a spin-on filter screwed onto the
> front of a tweaked 426 engine in a '66 Plymouth Satellite capable of
> running almost 100 lbs of oil pressure when the engine was still
> cold >> >   >
> tony..
Hee Heee ......dang that's funny.  kinda like the 3 stooges shorts and the
one stooge with the big hammer ... other people's pain  I guess ... " I
share your pain... "
Anyway, although probably everyone is aware, this cold start business is
an/the excellent reason to run synthetic 5-30, 5-40, or even, 0-x rated
synthetic .   The 0 doesn't mean } no lube properties }   it just means it
flows well ....
* In fact, if your low oil pressure is because of loose bearings, I would
trade off more pressure when cold .... for the increased flow of the lower
rated oil ....   I could be wrong, however (g)...
regards, Ken Campbell, "Iowa Slick" they call me.