<VV> Saturday cruise.

vzd1s4am@verizon.net vzd1s4am@verizon.net
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:18:50 +0000

Yesterday I took the 4 door out. Went from my place in Hemet,CA to Oceanside. It was a great day to drive, I wish the 'vert was running. But I kept up with traffic and even passed a few cars on the 15. 

I was actually surprised at how well it ran. I was a little nervous about the trip.  Wasn't too sure how well the 80 hp engine would do. But it just cruised along perfectly.

I even had a few looks as I was driving. It may have been appreciation, but it could have been "that thing actually runs?" looks. 

Spent the day at the beach and had a great pizza at Spanky's. Made sandcastles with my 3 yr old and kicked back. They even had a concert on the beach. The band was mediocre but still a lot of fun.

Anyone else take any good trips this weekend?

Sherman Gossett
62 Monza 'vert ( holding the driveway down)
62 700 4 door (Ol' reliable)