<VV> Re:8n tractor tires(some corvair content)

N2VZD@aol.com N2VZD@aol.com
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 05:05:05 EDT

i lifted many a corvair by the tail with a tractor bucket loader when parting 
them out  and never flattened any tires. 3 people can lift a "unit"(engine , 
trans,differential ) into the back of a station wagon on a piece of plywood, 
(and i have a back problem) with some strain but not that bad. the engine alone 
2 people with ease. if you are that nervous over it take 10 minutes and 
separate the differential-trans from the engine. i carry this stuff in my midsize 
gm wagon all the time. better yet load it all in your rampside .i have pictures 
of 2 of us removing the whole wad in a hurry 50 miles away side of the road 
with a sawzall and generator and loading it comeplete(powerglide) into my 
rampside on cardboard and coming home with it. i took it apart at home and unloaded 
it alone using a hand cart. most of this unit is now powering the rampy.      
                 regards tim colson