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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 11:39:04 EDT

akinzelm@greatnortherncorp.com writes:
You are a great resource - thanks.  
I have another question:  We pulled a good running engine to put into another 
guys van.  All exhaust stacks showed a nice even tan color.  The topside of 
the engine also looked clean & dry.  However, there is some oil leakage - it is 
greatest at the head/cylinder interface of cylinder #3.  It doesn't appear to 
related to the push rod tubes.  I'd think it is a head gasket, but wouldn't 
think it'd be oily - given the nice looking exhaust.
Any guesses?  If it is a head gasket, how quickly should it be changed (I'd 
guess immediately)?

Run a compression test to determine if the compression in #3 is normal.  If 
it is, it's good to go.  The most probable cause of the leak is the crankcase 
vent tube just above the #3 cylinder.  Check this for a good "O" ring seal at 
the top cover and where the second tube presses into the bottom tube.  IMHO

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
IECC - Riverside, CA