<VV> RE: The suspension is killing me...

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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:14:45 -0400

What I would do is drop the gas tank. then you can destroy the cage and
"maybe" put a wrench on the nut to remove. Otherwise I would recommend an
air chisel with a pointy bit on the end to drive the broken bolt upward.
Replace bolt and cage nut with a regular nut.
Gary Swiatowy

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Subject: <VV> The suspension is killing me...

While removing the front suspension from a 1966 140/PG, it appears the
bolts/cage nuts are beyond removing.  PB Blaster couldn't cut through the
siezed bolt/cage nuts.  Sadly, 2 bolts met their demise and I believe one
cage nut has decided to stay with the remains of a bolt (not good).

Long story short: How do you remove suspension bolts/cage nuts, once they
have broken?
(I will be ordering new bolts/cage nuts)

I am accepting any suggestions, advice, guidance, etc. on removing the old
bolts/cage nuts, and repairing the situation.

Many thanks to VV
Mike in Atlanta

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