<VV> Re: Gasket Leak??

vairologist@juno.com vairologist@juno.com
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:30:29 -0400

> akinzelm@greatnortherncorp.com writes:
.  The topside of  the engine also looked clean & dry.  However, there is
some oil 
> leakage - it is greatest at the head/cylinder interface of cylinder #3.
 It doesn't 
> appear to related to the push rod tubes.  I'd think it is a head
gasket, but 
> wouldn't think it'd be oily
Smitty says:  That's exactly what it is Andy.  It may be a measurable
leak and it may be a tiny leak that will never cause a problem. A lot of
time when the engine "grows" to operating temperature a leak like that
will seal itself.  You may get a whiff of exhaust fumes in the heater on
starting that goes away quickly.  On my engine I would pull the head and
re-gasket just for safety reasons.  Especially since it is out of the car