<VV> FW: 64 Monza Convert - should I keep or dump?

Jeffrey Weston jeffrey.weston@comcast.net
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 22:14:46 -0400

I recently purchased a 64 Monza Convert - looks good with new interior,
freshly painted trunk, eng compt and under carriage, pretty good red paint,
non leaky top with non opening rear window (frayed zipper I wired shut) - I
am no gear head genius so when I got it home I discovered I need brakes,
wheel cylinders, pitman arm and bushing, generator, battery.  Now from 7500
purchase I am up to 9K.  Then on the second pleasure outing the belt flew
off and I discovered the oil pressure sensor had been replaced with a bolt
and there are no defroster ducts.  Looks like the previous owner short
cutted his restoration at the end.  Who knows what is next.  The dollars are
getting to be more than it's worth I think. (110hp, 4 speed)