<VV> Re: Overseas Car Sales Scam

Gary Swiatowy mopar@jbcs2.net
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 05:42:50 -0400

Oh yes, millions have received e-mails like this, or similar. It is just a
variation on the thousands of scams out there. I received one on some parts
I had advertised.
Sopme have actually fell for this...........
Gary Swiatowy
> From: "Charles Lee" <chaz@ivic.net>
> To: <YENBAT@aol.com>, "Virtual Vairs" <VirtualVairs@corvair.org>
> Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:07:48 -0700
> Subject: <VV> Overseas Car Sales Scam ?
> Has anyone rec'd an email like this ?
> I'm selling my 'Vair through the VV Classifieds, and I get this email from
> someone claiming I have a buyer in England.
> The catch is that I have to pay for the shipping first.  Right !  OK,
where do
> I send the money ?  To a PO box, you say ?  Oh, OK.  How much ?
> Anyway, here is the email I got :
> --------------------------
> Good day to you,
> My name is Mr.DAN,i am an American based in London, My company is @#32
> Bec Gdns London SW16 1RB London.We specialise in the purchase and shipping
> USED CARS,to our numerous customers worldwide. We have a customer
> in purchasing your CAR .We will arrange a pick up of the VEHICLE once
> is confirmed by you.Please we will instruct the buyer to proceed with the
> payment procedures  immediately.State if it's still available and your
> asking price.
> looking forward to hear from you..
> > Management.
> > DAN.