<VV> boat (no Corvair)

MarPack57@aol.com MarPack57@aol.com
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 21:05:03 EDT

Well guys I've crossed over to yet another world--50's&60's fiberglass boats. 
I bought a 1959 Luger (a what?) complete with motor and trailer. Boat is 
restored as is the motor, the rare trailer under it needs paint. It is towable 
which leads me to my next question, how do I get it here? Here is St. Petersburg 
Fl and "there" is Franklin New Hampshire. Any ideas? Anyone want to come south 
maybe in the winter? Know of a shipper who could handle a boat and trailer?
   My vacation is gone for this year, but would be willing to pick up halfway 
on a long weekend. 
    Thanks. Ed