<VV> powerglide help

EUGENE1938@aol.com EUGENE1938@aol.com
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:06:28 EDT

vairpair@att.net writes:
Can someone tell me the difference, if there is any, between a governor for a 
Std powerglide and one for a 140.  Where is the difference?  Can I use one 
from a std. in a 140 without doing any damage?  The vendors show a different 
part number for a 140 but no one has them.

The only difference between the two governors is in the 140 governor the 
counter weights are lighter allowing the rear wheels to turn to a higher RPM 
before the transmission shifts from low to high (with the throttle at or near full 
open).  They were originally identified by the nylon gear on the governor.  
The 140 gear was orange or had orange paint on it while all others were natural 
color (white or slightly yellow).  After 40 years the gear may have been 
changed or the nylon may have changed color from exposure to hot transmission 
fluid.  Any governor can be used in any PG.  If there was only a way to open the 
governor can and reseal it, the weights could be lightened by removal of some 
material and move the shift point to a higher RPM.

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
IECC - Riverside, CA