<VV> cold valve adjustment :

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Wed, 18 Aug 2004 12:48:37 EDT

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> Bob ,as usual your post is exaustive!
> one question, however,
> why move the pushrod in-and-out and no rotate?
> regards
> philippe

If your lifters are pumped up solid, then there should be no problem. But 
likely one or more lifters will not be fully pumped up. That is because valve 
spring pressure over time tends to collapse the lifters (depending of course on 
which valves are open at the time). Anyhow unless you are 100% positive that 
all of your lifters are fully punped up, then you shouldn't use the twisting 
motion. Why? Well when doing the actual adjusting, is is almost impossible for 
most Corvair people to be able to detect when the zero lash point is reached, 
because the pushrod won't bind if the lifter is not fully pumped up. By 
twisting, you are looking for a free motion of the pushrod until the zero lash point 
is reached, and at that point the twisting should bind and you can no longer 
twist it. But if the lifter is not fully pumped up the pushrod won't bind as the 
lifter is collapsed by tightening the nut past the zero lash pointh.

By using the in-and-out movement, the motion will stop exactly at the zero 
lash point whether the lifter is collapsed or fully pumped up.

I hope that this helps.
Bob Helt