<VV> RE: Overseas Scam (humour) No Corvair

Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT douglas.t.brown@navy.mil
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 11:25:57 -0700

This is the money-making version of Mad-Libs.  What fun you could have with
your friends, as they say a name, a noun, etc.  How about Bozo, brontosaurous,
and pickle?

The link below is to the sleazebag hotel where the guy lives.

Good day to you,
My name is [insert name],i am an American based in London, My company is @#32
Bec Gdns London SW16 1RB London.We specialise in the purchase and shipping of
[insert item],to our numerous customers worldwide. We have a customer
in purchasing your [insert item] .We will arrange a pick up of the [another
word for item] once payment
is confirmed by you.Please we will instruct the buyer to proceed with the
payment procedures  immediately.State if it's still available and your last
asking price.
looking forward to hear from you..
> Management.
> [insert name].
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