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Yes, I read that today too, upon more research.  I do not care for "..does
not require the reinforcing washer..."  I take that as "not needed".  In
this case, *some* type of washer should have been there, since the bolts put
deep markings into the flywheel.  These markings are deep enough to easily
scratch a fingernail, but not quite deep enough to cut skin.
Actually, the bolts were installed with locktite, an almost clear/creamy
color of soft gluey material came out.  They did not get harder as the ends
of the bolts hit the threads.  I'll look close at the bolt ends when I get
home to see if I can verify they bottomed out, but I don't think they did.
Who was it that said recently "check EVERYTHING on a new corvair" ?  DOH!

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Barry, your post brought two thoughts to mind...  The solid flywheel
probably does not require the reinforcing washer that the standard flywheel
requires. I hope that it is thicker in that area though; on the standard
thin-hub flywheel, if the bolts are installed without the reinforcing
washer, they will contact and damage the crankshaft's cam gear.  I wonder if
the bolts in your engine were difficult to remove because they contacted the
cam gear and were damaged on the last thread?  The other thing that comes to
mind is the argument against solid flywheels.  As the argument goes, GM felt
that crankshaft cracking was likely with a solid flywheel so they designed
the one we all *know and love*.  This solid flywheel thread comes up from
time to time and while there seems to be some evidence that the argument is
true, several members have run with solid flywheels with no apparent
difficulty.  For my money, I wouldn't risk the crankshaft and I would lean
towards a nice, balanced and bolted Dale rebuilt.
Craig Nicol

I took the flywheel off to get behind it for cleaning, and low and behold,
it's solid steel.  So THAT's why it was ringing when I hit it with a wrench.
Sweeeet.  Might have to keep that baby for the Corsa, but I digress.  The
flywheel bolts where awfully tough to turn, even after I broke them loose.
PO had locktited (that a word?) them.  I said,"why in the world?"... When
all of a sudden I realized ... No retaining ring under the bolts. 

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