<VV> progress, and questions

John Headley robedinpurple@yahoo.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:45:55 -0700 (PDT)

Well, another vacation day taken to try to get my 64
monza convertible rolling again.  

Went to drain the tank to try to drop it.  Found the
previous owner's "drain plug" of a screw and washer. 
Clark Harzel had suggested this as a possible way to
drain the tank, it's funny that it was already there,
hidden under some gunk.  Pulled out the screw, and
there was a few drops of gas came out, then nothing. 
The thing was out of gas.  My chance to feel stupid. 
Anyway, the screw would not re-seal, so I bought a
toggle bolt and rubber plug contraption for this type
of purpose from my FLAPS.  It seems to be working so

With gas in the tank, the car runs again.  Not well,
but it runs.  I'm having trouble getting this thing to
run right.  It seems like the vacuum advance might not
be working.  If I advance the plate by hand and hold a
finger over the nipple of the VA, it doesn't hold.  I
know we had a discussion on this a few weeks back, but
what was the repair method for this?  

I'm getting some small backfires at light/no throttle
conditions coming down from higher RPMs.  I.E. tip out
of the throttle and let it coast down some, then POP. 
I think this could be connected to the vacuum advance
thing, since this would be the highest vacuum
condition, and if I'm not getting the proper advance,
it may be connected.  On the other hand, maybe my
carbs just need an overhaul.  Opinions?

I think there's a carb guy on the list, can you e-mail
me what the going rate is for 2 rebuilt carbs?

On the plus side, I got to cruise a small bit today, I
fixed some light bulbs that were out, and it now looks
like I can at least wander this thing up to the DACC
parking area for the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Maybe
some DACC members could help me try to figure this
carb stuff out.

Thanks to the whole group for all the feedback so far.
 It's extremely helpful.

-John Headley
64 monza convertible
Royal Oak, MI

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