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Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:23:15 -0400 (EDT)

I had the screen-door-spring-style kit and it solved my belt-throwing problem.  The side effect was a direct transmission of engine vibration to the frame, which annoyed me greatly about 2,800-3,100 RPM.

My real belt problem was pulley alignment from a homemade alternator adaptor.  Once I got the alt. pulley in proper perspective (aft edge slightly aft of the crank pulley, which is counterintuitive), I tossed the kit and got a cogged belt.  It doesn't throw, and I replace the belt annually as a safeguard.

Editorial: I think there is potential for a well-designed Corvair automatic tensioner.  Automakers have gone this route and proved it works -- better to compensate for RPM "whip" and belt wear.  I understand there's an improved design out for the Corvair, but I have not tried it and probably won't unless the belt gods get angry with me again.  I wonder why no one's designed a kit using a valve spring mounted on the oil-filter adaptor.  That would eliminate the vibration issue.

Michael Smith

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