<VV> Question re: rear wheel bearings and a project update

EUGENE1938@aol.com EUGENE1938@aol.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 12:01:53 EDT

dmacd_us@yahoo.com writes:
I read the instruction in the Corsa Tech Guide that
describe installing a grease fitting in the rear
bearing unit. I cant bring myself to do this as
described because I think thats its inevitable that
shard of metal from the drilling will end up on the
inside and will make its way into the bearing. Anyone
have any experience doing this?

I've done this but don't recommend it.  To keep the "shard" of metal out of 
the bearings, pack the drill with grease so the chips stick to it.  Seems to 
work fine.  The problem I ran into was that when you pump enough grease into the 
cavity to be sure it gets to both bearings it is too full and when you drive 
the car grease squeezes out through the seals and gets on the brake shoes 
requiring that you replace them.  I ended up ruining two sets of shoes before all 
of the excess grease came out.  I had ran the rear wheels without the drums 
and wheels attached for about 10 minutes while still up on blocks which I 
thought would get the excess grease out, but it didn't.  After it all, the bearings 
are now well greased but next time I'll disassemble the wheel bearing assembly 
and follow the shop manual.  It's also a good time to check the condition of 
the bearings and replace the seals.  IMHO

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
IECC - Riverside, CA