<VV> HOPE(not very corvair, but...)

Thomas Stingl tsc01@corvair.de
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 19:03:50 +0200

Tony wrote:

> as a cheap 2CV anywhere?

Also around here, SW-Germany, 20 min to France, they get rare.
I looked at one some year ago, but it showed too much evidence of
no anti rust treatment ever.
Air cooled, opposed cylinders, sure there is some Corvair relation
But there is a good parts availability, e.g. complete new floor frames
for reasonable prices.

Friend of mine drove a Mercedes as a student, and bought a new
2CV when he got his first job in the early 80s ...

> gotta love that gear shift.

Yes, quite unusual .. the Renault 4 shifting was also big fun ...

Well, I got rid of all my similar-to-Corvair stuff, only real
ones in my garage ;-)