<VV> Eastern Rust, NO CORVAIR

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Good point. I've lived my whole life in the east rust belt, and am all to
familar with the issue of rust on older cars. But the newer ones don't. I've
heard that there's better attention paid to the coating of the steel;  to
the fact that they have a 'coating' on the underside of the steel. Don't
know the facts, but they 'aint rusting like they used to.
Exhaust systems last forever. Heard it's the use of stainless.
That said, there is still the issue of fasteners seizing from corrosion. But
not like the old days.

Harry Yarnell
perryman garage and orphanage
perryman, MD

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> I have a question about the way things are these days regarding vehicle
> in the "rust belt" northeast/midwest area.  I grew up in Ohio, so I
> well how quickly things rusted-out back in the 60's.  Seams started
> rust stains after about 3 years and perforation started to show up around
5 years
> after exposure to the first salty winter.
> I have lived in the western US for the last 35 years and things basically
> don't rust-out at all.  Underneath the car, unprotected bolts and the
> metal edge will show some corrosion and aluminum components under the hood
> stay a nice dull grey without any evidence of corrosion.
> How do modern, 10 year-old, cars hold up after salty winter exposure?  I'm
> looking at purchasing an Astro Van circa 2000 or 2001.  I'm really
> about getting anything from the Northeast, but that seems to be where the
> mileage vans are showing up for sale.
> Any thoughts?
> TIA, Craig Nicol
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