<VV> Re:Eastern Rust, NO CORVAIR

Gary Swiatowy mopar@jbcs2.net
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 07:45:43 -0400

Well. I live in the Buffalo NY area where I beleive they salt the roads year
round. I have had to work on some vehicles even less ythan 10 years old
where yes certain areas do have better rust protection but you will still
find brake and fuel lines severely rusty, gas tanks leaking, underneath
fasteners almost gone, not to mention deteriorated aluminum parts as well.
On the same token "other" northeastern states do not use salt like we do. PA
for instance seems to use cinders or something as their cars are not too
While I do not have any experience with an Astro Van, I have seen Brake and
fuel lines on Caravans ruined, bleeded valves shot, ertc........and have had
to replace complete fuel and brake lines on other GM cars where they are
clustered and clamped together so when you need to work on one you have to
do them all.
Gas tanks are a real joy especially when you end up having to replace
separate sending units, and in tank fuel pumps along with the tank and
straps........upwards of $400.................just cause of the rust and not
being able to use them in the replacement tank.

Rust never sleeps.....
Gary Swiatowy
> From: NicolCS@aol.com
> Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 12:10:54 EDT
> To: virtualvairs@corvair.org
> Subject: <VV> Eastern Rust, NO CORVAIR
> I have a question about the way things are these days regarding vehicle
> in the "rust belt" northeast/midwest area.  I grew up in Ohio, so I
> well how quickly things rusted-out back in the 60's.  Seams started
> rust stains after about 3 years and perforation started to show up around
5 years
> after exposure to the first salty winter.
> I have lived in the western US for the last 35 years and things basically
> don't rust-out at all.  Underneath the car, unprotected bolts and the
> metal edge will show some corrosion and aluminum components under the hood
> stay a nice dull grey without any evidence of corrosion.
> How do modern, 10 year-old, cars hold up after salty winter exposure?  I'm
> looking at purchasing an Astro Van circa 2000 or 2001.  I'm really
> about getting anything from the Northeast, but that seems to be where the
> mileage vans are showing up for sale.
> Any thoughts?
> TIA, Craig Nicol