<VV> Strange economy run happening

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The lean/angle of the car probably had a LOT to do with it.  When I fill my
civilian car - 96 Blazer, I take note of the pavement at the station and try
to get to a pump where the filler neck will be on the high side - or at
least level.  I want to make as few stops for gas as possible and this helps
me fulfill that objective.

After the neck is "full" (just over the flapper door in the neck), I
bump/rock the car a bit.  I can always get another quart of so in by doing

It seems to me that your event-master should have had ALL vehicles fill at
the same pump.

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Later, JR

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> FastVairers,
> I've been on a lot of economy runs and I've never seen anything like
> this... see what you think.
> Saturday, CORSA South Carolina had its annual economy run. We had a
> good turnout with eleven Corvairs and one "other" car. We filled our
> own cars up at the start, as usual, and got going. The course was
> short, about 42 miles, and flat, not many hills or mountains to coast
> down. At the end we pulled into a gas station and the fill-up began.
> The eventmaster and a helper carefully filled everyone's tank. I did
> very well getting 49+ mpg. One of these days, I'm going to get over 50,
> but not today! Other cars were; 32, twentys, etc.
> But I didn't win.
> Another fellow had a nice black early coupe. I'd never seen the car
> before and I don't think he'd ever run an economy run. They had pulled
> up to the pump and the eventmaster had only been able to get about .2
> gallons in it! THEY GOT 228 MPG! I wasn't there when they filled it,
> but they said they let it settle and it just wouldn't take anymore.
> Later, a fellow pointed out to me the way the car sat when parked,
> lower on the driver's side. He told me that the driver was in the car
> when it was filled causing it to lean even more. Everyone knew
> something was wrong, but no one knew what. Assuming the guy had not
> installed a second gas tank or some other crazy thing, the only thing
> we could figure was that there was an air "bubble" trapped in the tank
> because of the way it was leaning. The only other possibility might be
> something to do with the overflow hose or something like that.
> Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any other ideas?
> Bruce W. Schug
> CORSA South Carolina
> Greenville, SC
> bwschug@charter.net
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