<VV> Engine removal adapter (NO CORVAIR)

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What'd he say?

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> Harry, how can you agree with John's all-encompassing statement, even
> citing an EXCEPTION? I would say, you disagree (as I do) with John's
> absolute statement and feel, perhaps, that sometimes, some auto
> manufacturers appear to give a damn about how hard it is to repair their
> vehicles. Or perhaps, with John, you feel that your example must be an
> accident of some kind.
>      But I wouldn't dream of suggesting that you believe (as I do) that
> products of all auto manufacturers, everywhere and always, is
> transportation, style, economy, safety, and reliability, and that these
> pertain not only to driving the vehicle, but also to fixing (or not HAVING
> to fix) and maintaining (or not HAVING to maintain) the vehicle. Or that
> apparent oversights in these areas may arise from the manufacturer's
> decision instead to improve some CONFLICTING value, such as economy of
> manufacture or even something else that we simply can't perceive
> their profits).