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airvair airvair@richnet.net
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:52:26 -0400

Just be aware that in order to make the belts function in a crash the
way they are supposed to do, the floor has to be reinforced adequately.
Kent has done a good job on his car, but until a real-world destructive
crash test is conducted, the reinforcement adequacy is purely an
educated guess. Question is, would you bet your life on what you
install? Because a poorly thought out job could be even more dangerous,
rather than safer.

I used to do engineering testing in a research lab, and on at least one
occasion this included a seat belt pull test.


Stephen Upham wrote:
> I have always liked the idea of the Sebring convertible seats because
> of the fact that they come with their own shoulder belt that is
> integrated with the seat-back.
> See: The Chrysler Cure
>   Go to Kent Sullivan's website. www.corvairkid.com
> and look at the Chrysler seats he put in his LM.
> Stephen Upham