<VV> Re: Upper Shroud Oil Leak

Gary Swiatowy mopar@jbcs2.net
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 05:34:18 -0400

Are you sure the leaky fuel pump did not dilute the oil in the block causing
I had a top shroud leak in my 65 which only seemed to leak under high speed
driving, turned out the "O" ring for the PCV tube was non existant.
also most of the bolts for the top cover (blower bearing housing) were
by the way, hope you make it to the "Four Clubs" event.
Gary Swiatowy

> From: "Sam & Marissa Andolino" <mandolin@rochester.rr.com>
> To: "Virtualvairs" <virtualvairs@corvair.org>
> Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:04:03 -0400
> Subject: <VV> Upper Shroud Oil Leak
> We have a problem with our '63 Convertible with a '66 110 engine.  The
> shroud is leaking oil.
> Background:
> We were a mile away from our house when the fuel pump started to leak.  We
> drove the car home at about 15 mph.  After changing the fuel pump and
> starting the engine, we noticed the oil leak leaking out from under the
> shroud.  Under further inspection, we noticed that the air filter was
> covered with oil and the air cleaner had oil inside.
> There is no oil residue in the tailpipe nor noticeable blue smoke.  What
> could be the problem?  Could it be a scorched piston, bad rings?
> We plan on taking the shroud off and examining where the leak is coming
> from, but we need to finish adjusting the lifters on the turbo and get it
> out of the garage.
> Thanks,
> Sam & Marissa Andolino
> mandolin@rochester.rr.com