<VV> '66 Aztec Bronze Carpet

airvair airvair@richnet.net
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:27:05 -0400

All the pieces of your Aztec Bronze interior ought to be relatively the
same color. If it doesn't match, then it's not the right color. Look for
a sample area that is the most vibrant, like the back side of the kick
panel or the edge of the seat cover underneath the seat bottom cushion.
This goes for the carpet as well. While I don't know who would have the
closest match, I'd recommend that you always ask for a sample for color
match. Any reputable dealer will be happy to send samples.


"Samuel D. Streiff" wrote:
> Subject: '66 Aztec Bronze Carpet
> The carpet in the '66 Aztek Bronze (Interior & Exterior) CORSA I just bought
> is red.
> Looks terrible.
> I asked the PO if he replaced it.
> He showed me a reddish brown carpet on his garage floor & said that was in it
> when he bought it (1974).
> I have searched vendors (Clark's doesn't have any matching colors) and found a
> color called "Emberglow" (#544) that looks good with the car. "Emberglow"
> doesn't match the PO's garage floor carpet though.
> Anyone know what is correct for this color interior?
> Also, the best sample I have gotten is from Stock Interiors of Greensville,
> SC. They say they are GM Restoration suppliers.
> Anyone ever deal with them?
> Sam Streiff
> '66 Turbo CV