<VV> I may be the happiest Corvair person in the world right now ...

Eric S. Eberhard flash@vicspdi.com
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 13:01:16 -0700

For the last year or so when I left town on business my wife started 
driving my 62 Sedan.  Ostensibly this is because she had to take my dog to 
work along with her dogs and they would not all fit in her Toyota 
pickup.  But then she started making noises about how nice it was to drive, 
how roomy, etc.

Then I saw a 62 Monza wagon with Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels.  I wanted the 
wire wheels for my Spyder ... so I started to hatch a plot to get those 
wires.  I figured I could by the wagon FOR HER (how many wives hear that 
one :-) and keep the wheels for my Spyder.

I broached the subject --> lukewarm response.  So I told her I could always 
sell the wagon after I take the wheels ... and I would come out OK 
financially.  She looked at the pictures and said it was cute ...

Then she said OK, you can buy it, but if I don't like the wagon it 
goes.  Otherwise the Toyota goes.  Hmmmm.  So I made an offer that was 
accepted on the car.

Three days later she says to me ... "I suppose you are going to take those 
wires off right away and put them on the Spyder"  I told her that was 
indeed the plan.  She said "But, they look kinda cute on the wagon ... "

I began to suspect that I was not going to be getting those wires ...

So I picked up the car and brought it home.  It has been less than a week 
and she has driven over 100 miles in the wagon (making unnecessary 
trips).  She has not even looked at or started her Toyota.

She has now told me the wagon stays, the Toyota goes ... and keep my cotton 
picking fingers off HER wires ...

So now she goes on ebay looking for parts and so forth.  She has learned 
already how to change the fan belt (she is actually pretty good at 
mechanical stuff).

I may have lost the wires, but it was worth it to get my wife into the 
Corvair hobby.  Now she understands!  She loves that wagon.

This weekend she promises to help me with pictures of my Judson setup and 
pictures of HER wagon for the web page ...  I'll keep you posted.

Happy in AZ!!!

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