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Tue, 24 Aug 2004 19:26:26 EDT

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>If you have a rear axle problem on your '62, you have NO brakes, NO
>down shift, and NO parking brake.  Ask around on VV and elsewhere
>just how that feels.
>JMHO, Bill Loftin

I'm with Bill on this one. Thats how I got my 64 700 sedan last winter for 
just $300... the rear wheel bearing came apart while the guy was driving... the 
wheel took the drum off the shoes and the axle out of the differential... all 
he could do was coast to a stop on the side of the road. Thank heavens he was 
heading up a slight incline.
I offered to fix the car, but he wanted to sell it. I asked him if he'd ever 
noticed any noise, and he said "yeah, a little".... I had to replace both rear 
bearings after buying it... and I drove it all over the place in Lexington 
during the convention... not a bad little car, strong little 95hp engine (had 
Ben Stiles with me on the way to the VV meeting and we were doing about 90 on 
I-75 from the Horse Park to exit 115.... now THAT was fun!)... I rarely take it 
over 75 MPH if I drive it on the freeway... I was just showing off to a 
buddy... thats all.
Anyway, keep Bills words in the back of your head... it CAN happen, asteroid 
or not.

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