<VV> Re: People losing Sleep Over Living in the Real World

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Wed, 25 Aug 2004 07:13:00 EDT

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Lonzo you think it is a bad thing that you lose most
methods of retardation when you lose a drum?  You got a car out of it. 
And that's bad?????    

Hey Smitty, it was good for me, bad for him... I wasn't even looking for a 
car, to be honest... he asked me what it would cost to fix it, and I said "$250 
if there's snow on the ground" (my garage was too full to get a disabled car 
in there) and he said "Why don't you take it off my hands for $300?".... I 
looked at it, started it up... saw the engine date code was my Dad's birthday... 
looked in my wallet and I had EXACTLY $300 of WDK (thats Wife Don't 
Know)squirrled away for Christmas and I borrowed his phone to call home. Asked Cheryl if 
she minded me buying it and she said "As long as you don't take any money out 
of the bank"... as if she didn't ACTUALLY know I had three C Notes in there...
She's good, ya know....
I brought it home under the pretense that Sarah can help me get it together 
and maybe after she gets her license she might want to purchase it from me for 
the original price I paid... that gives me 2 years... and if she doesn't want 
it, I can always drive it myself (which is what I'm doing on the weekends 
As for constantly worrying about the inevitable? Not me... I was just saying 
Bill has something with the rear wheel bearing note... but they will give a 
bit of notice about the impending failure as long as you don't have your head up 
your ass.
Thats all.
Take care,

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