<VV> Re: Corvairs at BR

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Thu, 26 Aug 2004 05:58:06 -0700


You have made some excellent points.

> It is not a "race" it is open for any and all cars to have a good time.

The point is to have fun no matter what you bring; street or race.

> Watching the cars on the track during hot laps is like stepping
> back in time, it is so cool, that I can't put words to it.

Driving with them is even cooler.

> The way to have the most fun as a spectator is to help in the pit
area, helping
> change tires, checking air pressure, putting fuel in, big or small
any task
> that the pit crews do helps the car owner in many ways.

Or get a close up look at the cars and work a corner.

> My hat is off to the hard work that is put
> into these events. Thanks to all the participants and organizers.

NECC has done a great job of keeping the Corvair on the track and if
we want to keep doing it we must participate.

Rick Stansbury
Corvair Motorsports