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Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:56:12 -0700

At 08:46 hours 08/25/2004 +0100, Patten Del R Civ AFRL Det 8/PKMA wrote:
>  Mine are Nissan Sentra seats...pretty comfortable with my purple weave
>seat covers by House of Covers!!  Did Lexington and a long trip the summer

Purple huh...  

This brings up a question:   

I know about some really good stuff to use to change color of vinyl
upholstery, BTDT several times with good luck, but what's the deal on combo
vinyl and cloth upholstery such as what's seen in modern cars?    

Let's assume I have a pair of buckets that look good in a late Vair but
they're blue.  They'd look tacky in a red car.    What works well to change
them into something like black or dark grey?    They're Ford Probe seats.
I don't think Ditzler Vinyl-Color would do well on the cloth portions of
these seats although it would do fine on the vinyl panels, I'm sure.   But
the cloth...?