<VV> Parts cleaning

Ewell Mills emills5@cfl.rr.com
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 18:14:34 -0400

Nothing wrong with the purple stuff, but I have found something that seems to
work at least as well or actually better IMO.  It's called 'Greased Lighting'.
Works excellent on soiled spots on the carpet also, and does not seem to
affect the color. (Wife swears by it).  Doesn't cut grease quite as well as
some petroleum based products, but does an excellent job if the crud isn't to
thick.  I have had excellent results even then by assisting it somewhat with a
parts brush.  Doesn't leave an oily film like solvents do, which is nice if
the part is to be painted, but would probably rust if left unpainted.  Would
need to be sprayed with some type of lubricant if you don't plan to paint it.
Try it...you'll like it.

Cecil Mills
Cocoa, Fl.