<VV> Safer cars

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:57:13 EDT

Eric Eberhard wrote: "I think that is rather silly.  If you watch auto racing 
you can see that technology can make cars much safer in a crash than cars we 
currently buy.  Have you ever watched a race car hit the wall at 200 mph, 
burst into pieces, roll a dozen times, burst into flames, and then watch the 
driver walk out of the car?!"
Now from me (see bottom of article)
First, stock cars ain't. They are tubular frames with a token skin of sheet 
metal so it appears to be a "stock" car. I wouldn't buy one like that either, 
too noisy, and no room for family what with the roll cage and all.
Openhabit (Gary Bull)

List still hasn't changed, but hoping to unload a few.