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Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:09:35 -0400

Speaking as a sometimes vendor, selling items on e-bay. 
If you think the shipping is too high, check for yourself by using the USPS
international calculator which can be found on line. Generally speaking,
what he charged for that part may be about right in my experience. 
I have sold items to be shipped out of the US and have had auction winners
change their mind after finding out shipping costs. I have had an auction
winner tell me "If you can't find a way to ship cheaper, I don't want it".
I was open for suggestions..............
Also, a customs form has to be filled out, which is extra paperwork, and
may not be worth the time and bother to some vendors. That is why a lot of
e-bay auctions will state, "US shipping only!"
I have shipped Corvair parts to the netherlands too........

Gary Swiatowy

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