<VV> EBAY SCAM/Nigerian Phone Scam?

LonzoVair@aol.com LonzoVair@aol.com
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 21:27:54 EDT

We got a strange call at work today... thank goodness the manager took it. 
Someone (?) was using a translator (maybe one of the TDD machines the hearing 
impaired use? Not sure) Anyway they were asking for 10 electric fuel pumps for a 
98 Honda... yes, TEN of them... and the price was somewhere around $170 
each... then they wanted them shipped FedEx to Lagos, Nigeria... gave a credit card 
over the phone, and said he would email the proper paperwork.... When Phil 
said "Lagos, Nigeria" I sat there and went "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" and 
spun around on the stool I was sitting on... flailing my arms like the robot on 
Lost in Space. (They've grown used to my antics there, and enjoy the comic 
relief)... I informed Phil that I would NOT send anything to ANYONE phoning from 
Nigeria, and to give them the phone number at Autozone or O Reilly's...
He did....
I told Phil that the MO they use is get the parts, refuse the credit card 
payment, so they get thier money back AND keep the parts...
Who'd a thunk o' calling Elizabethtown, KY from Nigeria???? and poor Phil was 
on the phone for over half an hour... Oh well... we decided to see if the guy 
calls back, and have payment sent via Western Union...
I just thought I'd share...

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