<VV> Transmission numbers

NicolCS@aol.com NicolCS@aol.com
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 12:00:29 EDT

These numbers appear to be a '66 "Saginaw" transmission.

J295 is the date the part was cast at the foundry
J = 9th month or 10th month (sometimes they don't use the letter "i".
29 = 29th day of the month
5 = 1965
This makes this transmission a very early "model year" '66 unit

GM2 is the mold identification number, to help isolate problems to a specific 

3859958 and 954 are casting numbers or part numbers.

I looked at a '66 transmission that I have and the side cover is 3859956. 
This side cover is used on both 3 and 4 speed "Saginaw" transmissions.  Is it 
possible that your "8" is actually a "6"?

My transmission has a different case number than yours, 3558964. Again, is it 
possible that your "5" is a "6"?

The best way that I know to distinguish a Saginaw 3-spd from a Saginaw 4-spd 
is to put the selector shaft in the middle detent (in-middle-out) and see if 
you can rotate it into the reverse detent.  (you'll need to put a lever through 
the clevis-pin hole to do this.  I use a little phillips screwdriver for this 
test).  If you find that you can rotate the shifter through a detent, you 
have a four-speed, if not, it's a three speed.
Craig Nicol

blackmon@llano.net writes:

> With tranny closest to you, the front, right
> side GM1, 3859958, below that, J295. Other side, GM2, 3859954