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Ron Guy qcc65@charter.net
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:34:09 -0500

Rick wrote
<<Page down and see a Corvair front suspension with a rack and pinion
attached. Notice the neat vee notch to clear the pinion shaft.>>

Rick & all,
    The vee notch is a requirement but not difficult to do. Once the proper
location was  determined I simply sawed out a triangular piece and then
inverted it and welded it back in. Grinding and polishing finished it up
nicely and then powder coating. You can see mine at
click on Club Members then Def Stinger. Select the photo album and page
through to picture # 90. There are other photos along the way of the rack
and pinion and the front end work.
PS  Haven't updated the site for a while. Hope to do that soon and I will
post a notice.

Ron Guy
CORSA, CORSA/NC, QCCC, VV, Group Red member
Def Stinger Project