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Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:38:26 EST

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> In the process of restoring the heater in my '61 Coupe I removed the
> two metal ducts that are under the rear seat.  The Gaskets, or what
> was left of them, were stapled to the metal duct.  Where can I get a
> stapler that will staple through metal?  Or, is there another way to
> attach the new gasket material?
> As always, thanks in advance
> Andy Anderson

  You might want to save yourself the trouble of restapling by using duct 
tape to join the gasket to the metal diverter duct.  Use the real duct 
tape....the type used in residential and industrial heating systems.  It's basically an 
aluminium material with a glue backing and can be found at most building 
supply places.  This stuff will keep it's seal better under hot conditions.  
  Worried about that stock look?  Then I can only suggest you try finding the 
appropriate size staples and reuse the existing holes in the diverter duct.  
I do this when installing new perimeter seals on early engine shrouds...none 
of that hoaky pop rivet stuff.  It's time consuming but the end result looks 
best.  You only need a  sharp awl and a pair of needle nose pliers to perform 
the task.  Install the gasket on the duct, eyeball the existing hole and with 
the awl puncture the gasket, wedging the awl into the hole in the duct.  On the 
first hole I'll replace the awl with a piece of mechanics wire then find the 
next hole.  Once both are punctured carefully replace the wire and awl with a 
separate staple and crimp it over with your needle nose pliers.  Now the rest 
of the staples will install easier as your gasket will stay somewhat aligned.  
  Oh, did I mention removing the existing staples first?  That's half the job 

Bruce Webster