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Jim D

>From: Robert Marlow <avanti@carroll.com>
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>Subject: <VV> 'Breviations
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 11:59:27 -0500
>Yesterday, Seth Emerson forwarded an amusing story of a guy trying to get
>his Camaro into and out of his driverway in the snow and ice.  In that
>story, the guy from time to time referred to his car as his 'Maro.
>Eww.  My ears hurt.  I've never particularly liked abbreviated car names,
>and it is a phenomenon that seems to affect Chevrolets particularly.
>'Vette.  'Vair.  I've even seen, in print, 'Velle.  God help me, I've even
>seen 'Bu.  Yech.  But this was my first encounter with 'Maro.
>A friend used to like to boast that he drove a 'Vette.  He did.  A 
>As the editor of my local club's newsletter, I'm fairly aggressive about
>editing out "Vair" and replacing it with "Corvair."  I'll admit, it's a
>personal quirk.  There are other chapters that use "Vair" in the club name,
>and still more that use "Vair" in the newsletter name.  It's a cute pun at
>times, such as Vair Force and Vair Mail, but it still creeps me out.
>Anyone else bothered by this?
>Robert W. Marlow
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