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BEllison@bbafiberweb.com BEllison@bbafiberweb.com
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 20:48:02 -0500

I feel I must correct Sarah's editorial.  
She says...
... Barry "spun out by a teenage girl in go-karts" Ellison ...
should be ...
... Barry "pinned to the wall with his hands up trying to get a referee's
attention to black flag teenage Leslie for aggressive driving" Ellison ...
I thought most teenagers could read.  I'm sure there's a sign there that
says "No aggressive driving".
Honestly - she pinned me to the wall when I came around her.  Then, she
smiled.  What an introduction!
... and what a blast!
I am now signing off virtual vairs permanently, selling all my Corvair stuff
cheap, since I can no longer show my face in Corvair public, nor do I want
to embarrass the rest of my family.
Maybe I'll stick with my Honda? or my bicycle.  Something I can handle.

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