<VV> Kamping in Kaintuck 2004

LonzoVair@aol.com LonzoVair@aol.com
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:07:00 EDT

Hey guys and gals,
Just a short update on the camping and my leg... As for the camping, we will 
have 58 campsites reserved... I'm reserving an extra spot for myself, so I'll 
have both my pop-up and the tent ( I have a friend coming out for a day or 
two, maybe, but the girls will enjoy camping in the tent when it is empty.)... 
I'm really looking forward to this. I am going tomorrow to the Horse Park to 
make the deposit. I'm leaving to head up to Crittenden as soon as I send this 
My next Dr appt is Monday, so I'll be missing out on all the Ky Derby Parties 
I've been invited to... bummer... but I'll have a weekend to spend with my 
wife and kids, and meet with a realtor to sell the house up there.
My leg isn't hurting as bad, so I'm not hitting the pain pills as much... 
which I think is a good thing!
I'll let y'all know what the Dr says when I get back to my computor on monday 
evening, if I get back here at a decent hour. If you need to reach me you can 
email me at Cheryl's email address:
Thanks for the bandwidth, and thanks to all the campers out there.
See ya in Lexington! I'll be the guy in the "U of Ky Blue" leg cast...

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