<VV> Re: Casting Asparagus at Earlies

Stephen Upham contactsmu@sbcglobal.net
Sat, 1 May 2004 15:46:13 -0500

I saw this a few months ago and I think it bears repeating.

2-  Stop arguing on the merits or faults of either the
         Late Models or the Early Models.
         (May I settle that discussion, IMHO ?)
         The early models had superior body integrity,
         and had a pleasant, original, if rather quirky body design.
         The late models were far superior in performance and in
         advanced mechanical engineering, and had much more
         advanced styling (IMHO).  Both models had its (their) merits !!
3.  If we must argue about anything on VV, I look forward
         to seeing us argue about strictly automobile topics,
         even if they are on other makes, ...

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