<VV> Re: Early Rear Toe

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Sat, 1 May 2004 23:17:50 -0400

 Matt Wrote
> Gee,  thought I suggested slotting the motormount to body  bolt 
> holes....
Smitty says:  Mat if you are talking about the rear mount, GM beat you to
that about 40 years ago.  The rear mount support plate has always had a
fore and aft slot in it.  If you are talking about the front mounts and
slotting the body holes fore and aft that would be non productive as the
support bar to tranny shims already take care of that.  If you are
talking about slotting them side to side I can't see that as an asset to
providing differential in toe between the axles.  It would be detrimental
to yoke engagement in the diff though.
        You must be some kind of a Late Model owner.