<VV> Alternator Failure (fairly long)

Ewell Mills emills5@cfl.rr.com
Sun, 2 May 2004 07:17:17 -0400

While at the Stringfest 2004 in Helen Ga. I did something I have never done
before and wondered if anyone can give me insight on the problem. A group of
us nuts rented the local Go-Cart track for the evening. (Manager threatened to
kick us out..said we were crazy, overly aggressive lot...but that's another
story).  Anyway while there one of the attendees had a Spyder that he could
not get to start. Sarah asked if anyone could help him, and since I have a
fairly long beefed up set of jumper cables I volunteered to help.  I really
don't remember the sequence that we hooked them up (and it was pretty dark).
We did a lot of cranking to no avail and finally gave up. (never heard how he
came out).  500 miles later in Ocala Fl. I lost the alternator, but made it
home O.K.  It was intermittent at first, and then a solid failure.  The
alternator was a reasonably newly rebuilt internal regulator high output type.
I left the regulator on it (not used) except that I had jumpered connections 1
to 4 on the regulator to make the idiot light operational.  The guy at the
Auto electrical shop that I use said it was totally shot...internal regulator
and all.  He rebuilt it again for me, and it seems to be O.K. now.  Is it
possible that I burned it out by jumpering the Spyder?  If so, why did it wait
500 miles to poop out.  Also, should I totally eliminate the wiring to the
regulator?  (keeping the two wires that drive the idiot light light shorted
together)?  I plan to drive the car to Lexington to the nationals. and would
hate to lose it again.  Suggestions?

Cecil Mills
Cocoa, Fl.
65 110 P/G Contv. w/ A/C.