<VV> Improving earlies, was: Casting Asparagus at Earlies

BobHelt@aol.com BobHelt@aol.com
Sun, 2 May 2004 13:14:20 EDT

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> In my (very humble opinion the following are the main differences between
> Earlies and Lates. They are mostly non-engine because I am not an Engine
> Guy, so anyone who cares to add to the list is welcome to do so.
> 1. Rear suspension / handling (Lates a lot better).

Hi guys,
In my opinion you missed the really one important change made to the LMs, 
although you came close on #1 above.

That change which I think made all the real difference in the world, was the 
complete and total elimination of the "cork-bobbing" ride of the EMs. That had 
to involve changes to the fromt springing too, so thus the front suspension 
was also changed.
Bob Helt